Traffic Case Study

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This is a site I happened across during a google search.

They are a traffic source that works on a subscription basis. $5 / 28 day period.

The offer a 7 day free trial so I thought it would be fun to check it out.

This is what you see when you first land on their page.

This is what their home page looks like

This is what the registration page looks like. (I used paypal to register the account.




Once you have registered you can log in to the members area and it looks like this!



The merchants name is:

Akshay Gosavi


and I used a tracking link for the traffic so we could see how it does.


You can click on this link at any time to see how much traffic was obtained and if there are any conversions…. (Seriously doubt it)|3pRAFDd1ijLljytcdDRrY5Ai1eloaDv@MllE=

This case study was started September 29, 2016





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